What's next for e-commerce in the Nordics? A Market and Consumer trends overview.

29-09-2022 13:00

 What should be the next move for e-commerce post-pandemic? E-commerce has experienced a substantial boost during the past years but with economical downturn and geopolitical risks it has become harder to navigate. Keeping track of trends is key for any ecommerce business striving for a competitive advantage.

In this webinar Nordea and NWO.ai will share the latest macro trends paired with insights of how to decode the upcoming micro trends that will grow exponentially. We will share information about the three fastest growing categories within e-commerce and what is to expect beyond 2022. 


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Meet the speakers

Johan Trocmé

Miroslav Dimitrov

Helena Flink

Communications Nordea, Nordea

Johan Trocmè